A Message From the Principal

principal reading to students

Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary School South Grafton, the first Catholic school to be founded in the Diocese of Lismore in 1858. St Joseph is the patron saint of families and your family is our top priority.  We don't just enrol your child, we commit to your whole family, supporting you in any way we can.

We choose to carefully nurture the passions, interests and talents of your child. 

We strive to achieve the fullness of life for every child, helping them to be the best that they can be in all aspects of their life.

Your son or daughter has a strong voice in how, where and what they learn, whilst at the same time will rigorously cover the curriculum.

We nurture your child's expressive talents, providing lessons through a creative arts teacher and music teachers who take private lessons in piano, guitar and drums.

We promote a healthy body through our food choices at the canteen and provide daily opportunities for the students to play many sports on our full size oval. Children take part in intensive swim programs and have the opportunity to represent the school at interschool swimming, cross country and athletics events.

Encourage strong communication links between your home and your school.

St Joseph's - the right choice for your family.

Our Leadership Team 

Danny Rankin [Acting]

Anne Forwell
Assistant Principal

Brooke Donoghue
K-2 Instructional Leader