Safe Travel 

Parking for parent pickup and drop off 

There are two areas for dropping off and escorting students into the school.

Firstly: Hyde street parallel with the front of the school, use the crossing provided and then walk down a covered walkway. The children then walk to the pebble crete area and take a seat until supervision commences at 8.20am.

Secondly: The School car park which is situated directly at the end of Hyde St. Walking from the carpark, use the crossing provided and then walk to the covered entrance. The children then walk to the pebble crete area and take a seat until supervision commences at 8.20am.

The Parent Pick up area is at the western end of the administration block (the opposite end to the front office doors). Parents can access this area from either covered walkway.

All late arrivals and early pickups come via the School Office.

Bus Transport for Students  

Applications for bus travel are available online at the Transport for NSW website.

Three buslines service St Joseph's Primary, information on routes, timetables and bus passes can be found using the links below; 

Children Walking or Riding Bikes

Children who walk or ride home will be walked by a teacher along Hyde Street to the pedestrian crossing on Bent Street where the students will be assisted to cross the road by a road safety officer.

In the event of a storm/lightning or other concerns students will not be permitted to walk/ride home. Parents will need to collect their children from school. 

Children Crossing Signs

These signs are located at the front of the school parent pickup gate and at the road near the staff car park allowing children and their families to safely cross. 

School Zone Flashing Lights

The 40km/h school zones are located along Bent Street before and after the Hyde Street turn off and also along Hyde Street. There are signs and two sets of orange flashing lights along Bent Street and Hyde Street indicating that the school zone is in operation. The signs show the times when these school zones are enforced.

Visitors, Contractors and Volunteers 

Visitors, Contractors and Volunteers may park in the staff car park if they are attending school outside the hours of parent pickup or drop off (between 9.15 and and 3.30pm)  to  support  pedestrian safety and traffic congestion. Other options for parking are in the carpark at the end of Hyde Street or anywhere along Hyde Street.

Grounds, Maintenance and Catering Vehicles

Operators of these vehicles are inducted by office or leadership staff to;

  • restrict speed on the school site to a maximum of 10kph
  • be vigilant of pedestrians and other vehicles
  • keep vehicles stationary during lunch and break times and in between lessons


The above information is communicated to families via newsletters and facebook.